How It Works

Application &
Registration fee

Click here to fill out an application or online application or by phone 803-661-2074

There is a $20 registration fee* to participate in the program. 

*The registration fee is non refundable.

This is a need based program and intended for those who need a basic pair of eyeglasses.


All clients must be referred by Community Service Agency.

(Few examples of Community Service Agencies ...Department of Social Services, Free Medical Clinic, United Way, School District, etc.)

Eligibility forms

After you submit your application and pay your registration fee, you will be notified in 3-7 business days to complete your eligibility form.


You will receive your eligibility form by email or fax.  (We do not mail the forms.)

Complete the form and return. 

Eyeglass referral cost is based on a need based sliding scale with a minimum of $36. You must pay your fee before we order your eyeglasses.

*This program is for basic eyeglass assistance, you are required to have a current prescription to receive assistance.


Basic eyeglasses are single vision or lined bifocal ONLY.


Additional features such as progressives, transitions, anti-reflective coating, polycarbonate, high index, tint etc will required you to pay an additional fee for any add-ons. 


After we receive your eligibility form (s) we will send your  information to our local network provider to order your eyeglasses.


You need to select your frame from Select Frames page , pay your sliding scale fee then we will order your eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses will be ready in 14 business days.

There are no refunds, exchanges or warranties on eyeglasses.

***Your eyeglasses will be mailed to you.